Executive Physical Program

AccuHealth Group has utilized its extensive experience managing medical practices, its invaluable physician network that it has cultivated over many years, and its focus on preventative healthcare, to develop its core healthcare product, the Executive Physical Program. This cutting edge clinical health service provides various organizations and its employees/members exclusive access to an onsite, comprehensive, multi-specialty health physical that includes a wide array of non-invasive diagnostic testing. AccuHealth essentially brings a fully functioning, electronically integrated, and HIPAA compliant medical practice to the jobsite/patient and conducts a comprehensive physical that would normally require multiple office visits to various specialists. The Executive Physical Program is also fully covered by insurance and, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, requires no out of pocket expense from the patient for the initial preventative visit. The patients insurance carrier dictates after the initial preventative what potential co-pay, deductibles, or any other fees will be applied to them.

The Executive Physical Program was initially rolled out to organizations with high stress jobs, such has first responders, and thanks to its effectiveness, convenience, and high patient satisfaction, it has been expanded upon and offered to organizations spanning many professions.

As a health and wellness company, this clinical service is the first yet crucial phase of AccuHealth’s workplace wellness program. The invaluable results attained from this physical are evaluated by its board certified team of specialists and are made available to its patients within days of the exam through its user-friendly online wellness portal. This cloud based wellness portal is available from anywhere and from any device and is an effective tool that is used to help AccuHealth build customized wellness plans based on health risks and ensure patients remain on the right path to sustained health and wellness.