Corporate Overview

AccuHealth Group is a practice management and health and wellness services company that manages healthcare providers and their practices and assists corporations and organizations with promoting health and wellness amongst its members through clinical, educational, and disease management services. To accomplish this, AccuHealth assembled a talented network of practitioners from various specialties, established an affiliation with a top rated hospital for cardiac care, and integrated a multi-faceted health services platform it developed over the years to design a cutting edge, comprehensive and convenient onsite executive health physical that has been utilized by organizations and corporations spanning many different professions.

In response to the dramatic increase in health care costs in the United States along with an epidemic of lifestyle diseases, AccuHealth expanded its clinical services by adding lifestyle and disease management intervention services completing a transition to a comprehensive health and wellness service company in 2011.

AccuHealth and its partners share a common vision that healthcare should be based on the prevention and early detection of catastrophic diseases and chronic illnesses at a time when they are more easily treatable. The integration of its experience, relationships, and services, has afforded AccuHealth the opportunity to accomplish its vision of having a significant impact in reducing the prevalence of chronic and catastrophic illnesses; improving the overall quality of life for its patients while helping organizations combat the rising cost of healthcare.

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