And we left you with a question last time: “Is healthcare a right?”

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Severe heartache, man suffering from chest pain, having painfulWe promised — no vanilla!

And we left you with a question last time: “Is healthcare a right?”

So lets look at this. The debate over whether we should cover preexisting conditions is polarizing everybody – from the dopey Republicans, who really aren’t sure of what play to call now that they have the ball, to the sad Dems, who make a few good points, but will do nothing to help promote any changes.

And, then, it takes a late night comedic talk show host to really bring the issue to the fore!


BUT – and even Warren Buffet’s commentary in the New York Times covered this – how the hell do we afford to cover everybody? Solving the problem of how to pay for something without TRULY addressing how these costs are generated is doomed to fail from the beginning – no one ever solved a problem by looking only at one side of the equation! Comparing health insurance to any other insurance is a faulty premise from the get-go. The argument that it costs more for car insurance if you have more accidents doesn’t apply to illness or preexisting conditions. One does not have to drive – but one does have to use health care and eventually, we ALL do. Imagine if water and electricity went unregulated – and the cost of your water rose 10 – 15% per year, every year – pretty soon we’d all have to drink beer…and not shower!

So, it is your right in 21st-century America to have health care. But it is not the right of the health care behemoth to exploit that health care – whether it be pharmaceuticals, medical devices, providers.  BUT, it also places a responsibility on each of us not to expect every treatment for every ailment. And we bear a responsibility to prevent what we can – stop smoking, lose weight, keep our BP under control, etc, etc.

Next blog ——     What is the answer?

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