At AccuHealth Group, our goals are to preserve and sustain optimal health for our patients through comprehensive preventative health and wellness services while combating the rising cost of healthcare for employer organizations. To accomplish this, we leveraged our experience managing medical practices and our invaluable relationships with some of the top healthcare organizations and providers in our area and created a workplace wellness program that includes a unique health physical that we offer through organizations as an exclusive service to their members. Our ability to conduct this program onsite at an organization and administer a wide array of ultrasound exams as needed makes this program both convenient and comprehensive. We supplement this clinical health service with wellness services that help to mitigate existing chronic illness and/or improve lifestyle choices to ensure our patients remain on the path to health and wellness. The integration of our experience, relationships, and services, has afforded us the ability to accomplish our mission of having a positive impact in reducing the prevalence of chronic illnesses, thereby improving the overall quality of life for our patients while helping organizations combat the rising cost of healthcare.